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Learning is a continuous, dynamic and important process. Research has shown that the more we become aware of our own learning styles, the better we learn. The better we learn, the easier it is to set and reach our learning goals. This project is concerned with celebrating learning, and encouraging learning throughout the lifetime of the individual. 

Know How is a European funded Project, which through the use of innovative web based tools can help you highlight your own highly individual learning style, what motivates your learning and your key learning skills. The Know How Project, lead by the Ballymun Job Centre has built 3 animated online tools with voice-overs which are fun challenging and informative. They look at three specific domains: 

  1. The Learning Motives Tool
  1. The Learning Style Map
  1. The Learning Skills Explorer

The KNOW HOW tools are rooted in a scientific methodology in order to ensure that they accurately measure what they are supposed to.

Initially research was conducted across the European partnership with each partner country contributing. The tools are available in English, Spanish, Polish and Romanian. 


Feedback Interview

The end product of the tools is an automatically generated  “know how to learn” profile

Feedback Interview. This interview is rooted in a positive psychological framework drawing on a strengths based approach to raise the self-esteem of the individual.  

Training for Practitioners 

In conjunction with web based tools The Know How project team have also developed a training course. This day long training course gives practitioners a well rounded overview of the tools and addresses the following key areas:

  • Why use Know How?
  • How to use Know How?
  • How to interpret Know How?
  • How to feedback results from Know How?
  • How to fit Know How into the guidance process?

If you are a guidance counsellor, teacher, adult educator or wish to know more about your own learning style, what motivates you to learn and your specific learning skills- this project may be of interest to you. 


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KNOW HOW is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project
funded under the European Union Community Lifelong Learning Programme.